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When you want the most successful surgery possible…

Take charge of your results by taking charge of your mindset: the #1 influence in your body’s response, healing and recovery.

caroltallHi, I’m Carol Daly, and I’d like to share with you a little of what I’ve learned while working with people who, like you perhaps, were facing surgery. In my role as medical hypno-therapist, I’ve heard hundreds of stories, and yet they have some common themes.

If you’re like most of the people I work with, in the days leading up to your surgery, you likely are plagued by feeling powerless. On the surface, it may seem that all you can do is wait and try to go about your daily routine. But inside, your mind is in turmoil, doing its best to defend you by seeking answers to unanswerable questions:

  • “What if this doesn’t work?”
  • “What if something bad happens?”
  • “Can I trust these people?”
  • “How do I know if this is the right procedure?”
  • “Am I always going to have this extreme physical pain?”

Unfortunately, these kinds of thoughts trigger physical reactions in your body—the “fight or flight” response that switches off your digestion, dials up your stress hormones, reduces your oxygen intake and compromises your immune system.

These physical responses hamper the medical team and reduce your chances for a successful surgery.

You may think you can effectively counteract this effect with meditation or prayer or the support of family and friends or even an anti-anxiety drug. But the truth is, managing your conscious mind before surgery is not enough. That’s because…

listening2Even under anesthesia, your subconscious hears everything and responds.

If someone in the operating room says “uh oh,” your subconscious hears it and is likely to interpret it as a signal that something is wrong or that the medical team is a threat—again triggering that fight-or-flight response and its debilitating physical effects.

You may think, “Well, I’ll just ask the medical team to avoid those kinds of negative comments.” Unfortunately, no one can predict what your subconscious will perceive as negative. Even with the best of intentions, someone may say something that triggers an emotional memory that’s unique to you, and once again you’re experiencing those negative physical effects.

The challenge doesn’t end in the operating room.

Left alone after surgery, your mind works against your body’s best interest

During recovery, you may be left alone with your fears. In this vulnerable state, your mind may again try to defend you by seeking solutions to imagined worst-case scenarios. The resulting stress and tension can increase pain, sleeplessness and inflammation while slowing down your healing.

Clearly, your mind is the most powerful instrument in the healing process. But how do you get your subconscious to work for you instead of against you?

Before surgery, you need a way to reduce or eliminate the negative thoughts that cause worry so:

  • You’re able to think, work, and take care of day to day needs without feeling overwhelmed
  • You have a clear mind, and are ready to ask the right questions and make good decisions
  • You feel like part of the medical team, anchored in the knowledge of the powerful effect you can have on the outcome of your surgery
  • You feel confident, calm, relaxed and prepared going into surgery, free of the fight-or-flight response and focused on improving your odds of a successful outcome

During your surgery, you need a way to support your subconscious so you

  • Stay relaxed and free of the fight-or-flight response
  • Continue to breathe deeply so your body gets enough oxygen
  • Keep your subconscious mind positive and focused on the best outcomes

During your recovery, you need a way to keep your healing mindset going, so you

  • Minimize pain and reduce the need for pain medications
  • Minimize inflammation and encourage seamless healing of skin and internal tissues
  • Minimize digestive challenges and eat comfortably
  • Remain relaxed and sleep well

What this means is that before, during and after the surgery, you need a coach for your mind—a coach who can be with you every step of the way—encouraging, guiding, supporting and enabling your healing mindset at the conscious and unconscious level.

That’s what medical hypno-therapy does. That’s why I created the Surgery Success System CD Set: to give you the benefits of medical hypnotherapy in a format you can listen to as often as needed, and wherever you go—even into the operating room.

Read the information below for the details, but the important thing to remember is this:

Your mind is the most powerful instrument in the healing process. The success of your surgery depends on how well you manage your mindset. When you’re ready for an easy to use, cost effective, proven system to coach your mind through the process of creating the best possible outcome from your surgery, you may find, as so many have, that my Surgery Success System CDs are the best investment you can make.

Even if we never meet in the real world, please know it would be my honor and privilege to give you through these CDs every possible advantage for peace of mind before, during and after your surgery, as well as a successful recovery and a trouble-free return to an active, full life. In fact, no matter how you choose to prepare for surgery, that’s my wish for you. Be well!

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Tired of passively waiting and feeling at the mercy of the medical establishment, while the results you want—like true peace of mind, a successful recovery and a trouble-free return to an active, full life—seem beyond your control? Are you longing to look forward to a successful outcome, while hour after hour you’re stuck in anxiety, worrying, wondering, and imagining a future that is less than the best?

Practices like meditation or prayer, the support of family and friends, or even an anti-anxiety drug are not enough. You must take charge of your mind—both conscious and unconscious—to build your healing mindset, and practice it just as you must work out to build your physical muscles.

Carol Daly CHT, MRET knows how to coach and guide you to build and strengthen your healing mindset. In the Surgery Success System CD Set, Carol’s medical hypnosis protocols come together in a system that really works.

“I used Carol’s pre-, in-, and post-surgery tapes to control discomfort and bleeding and to promote healing. My recovery time was the best vacation time I’ve had in years! After five weeks, my incision looked like it had twelve weeks of healing. My doctor is amazed. He says my procedure had the best outcome he has ever seen.”

~ Karen B., Lawyer

In one convenient product, you’ll get the proven tools, protocols and practices that have worked for so many others. People who really use the recordings experience remarkable outcomes. Like them, you will see results. You’ll feel the difference from the very first time you listen. You’ll know you’ve found the way to align your mind with your healing. You won’t need or want to look back!

“Carol ‘walked’ me into, through and out of a major knee replacement surgery with her tapes–her voice of assurance. While still in the operating room, immediately after the surgery, I awoke and found the surgical crew scrubbing down and finishing up. I called out to the doctor, ‘Hey, look, doc,’ while I lifted my leg up and down. He threw up his arms and called to his team, ‘Geez, look at this!’ He directed them to watch as I continued to do leg lifts. He said, ‘I’ve done thousands of these operations and have never seen anyone do this before!’

“It usually takes 36 hours before leg lifts can even be attempted. There’s no explanation for my experience other than Carol’s tape–her voice, her encouragement, her self-assurance being instilled in me.

“Carol has become one of those rare friends in whom I have complete confidence with the wellbeing of my life.

~ Dennis L. Lawson


Ready to step into your powerful healing mindset?

Start listening right away to take charge of your surgery’s success and positive outcome that opens your life to a new level of enjoyment and satisfaction!

The Surgery Success System “Peace of Mind” package includes:

  • CD1, which orients you to the tools and the difference they can make.
  • CD2, the Pre-Surgery CD, which soothes your anxiety and builds calm confidence.
  • CD3, the In-Surgery CD, which keeps your mind bathed in thoughts that comfort, direct and support you in having the best outcome possible.
  • CD4, the Post -Surgery CD, which strengthens your healing mindset for a speedy, seamless recovery.
  • Surgery Success System‘s Preparation Action Guide, which lays out the steps to take before your surgery to reduce stress and set yourself up for a successful recovery.
  • One-on-one strategy session, on the phone or in person with Carol to validate your preparations.


Surgery Success System Money Back Guarantee:

As CEO of Surgery Success System, I am so confident that using our proven system will have you feeling more prepared and protected while providing you with the tools and guidance needed for your upcoming surgery, I’m standing behind it 100% with our

Surgery Success System Money Back Guarantee:

The Surgery Success System is designed to help you manage your mindset and influence your body’s response, healing and recovery. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, let us know within 30 days of purchase, return any physical product, and you will receive a full refund.

Carol Daly

Your successful surgery is what it’s all about. Stop wondering and worrying and start taking charge of your healing. Take charge of the #1 influence on your result and start your Surgery Success System through your powerful healing mindset!