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founder and creator of Surgery Success SystemsCarol Daly has empowered hundreds of clients to overcome stress, anxiety and illness.

A Certified Hypnotherapist since 1994 and trained in medical hypnotherapy, Carol Daly has researched and developed medical hypnotherapy systems since her own surgery in 1998.

“I went from the joy of celebrating the most effortless run of my life, to a fear so paralyzing I couldn’t move off the couch—all in a matter of hours when the doctor said, ‘You need surgery for a biopsy.’

“’A biopsy… Will I be left with a scar?’ I wondered. ‘What if I have cancer? Will I die, will I live?’ The more my mind ran down the list of what-ifs, the more paralyzed I became.

“Despite the fact that I was a hypnotherapist and had years of practice in keeping myself positive, I was miserable—like a small child, frightened and alone.

“Then something deep inside caught my attention: the desire to be part of the solution. I decided not to leave everything to chance or to the doctors, but to join the medical team by putting myself in the best mindset possible for my surgery and recovery.

“I began to guide myself using the same principles I had used to guide many of my clients through their worst fears. I made my very first self-hypnosis recording for surgery, one that painted a picture of the seamless healing I wanted: to be left without a scar.

“I came out of the surgery feeling great. In fact, I presented a workshop to a large group of hypnotherapists just three days later. My biopsy came back clear. My skin healed seamlessly.

“Although it had no long-term physical effects, this surgery changed my life. In discovering how profoundly I was able to affect my own healing, I uncovered a lasting desire to share my experience with others, and reduce or eliminate their needless pain and suffering. When I learned over 23 million people undergo surgery every year in the United States, I knew I had my work cut out for me!

“Since then, I have been researching, creating and enhancing the best medical hypnotherapy protocols for surgery, including rapid recovery, seamless healing and peace of mind. It would be my honor and privilege to show you how to join your own medical team and have the experience that I did: to get back on your feet quickly, returning with ease and grace to doing what you love to do, and enjoying your life.”

Carol Daly

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